Unlock Our Price Matching Guarantee at MovePack

Planning your move with MovePack? We’ve got a commitment to ensure you receive the best value for your move. If you come across a more affordable quote from a competitor, providing the same inventory and distance, let us know. We are ready to match or beat that price, given the following conditions:

Conditions for Price Matching:

  1. Written Genuine Quotation: Present a written genuine quotation from a similar registered moving company.

  2. Matching Moving Date: The moving date must align exactly with the competitor’s quote, and we should have ample capacity and resources to perform the job on that specific date.

  3. Legitimate Competitor: The competitor must be a legitimate and registered South African moving company, with a traceable record.

Price Match Exclusions:

  1. Verbal or Telephone Quotations: Price matching is not applicable to verbal or telephone quotations provided by competitors.

  2. Discounted Prices: Our price match guarantee does not extend to discounted prices, including but not limited to Black Friday, Easter promotions, or mid-month discounts.

  3. Furniture Information: Price matching will not apply if the details about the furniture to be moved were not provided to both us and our competitors.

  4. Mismatched Moving Dates: The moving dates must precisely align for the prices to be considered, as our quotes are based on date, availability, and capacity.

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