Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are designed to help protect our clients and our business in furniture removal services. Contact us on info@movepack.co.za if you have any queries.

1. Our Quotation.

Our quotation is a fixed negotiable price but does not include customs duties, cargo dues, parking fees, insurance and any other legal or Government fees we must pay in connection with this contract. It is only valid for 20days. 50% is needed as deposit to secure booking. The balance / or full payment is due on the day of service.

You also agree to pay the extra charges if (Unless you told us in writing about any of the following before we prepared the quotation.); 

a) Accurate inventory list to be transported. Extra unlisted items will be charged an extra fee.

b) We have to collect or deliver above a first storey floor. 

c) Any stairway, lift or door is too small or narrow for easy delivery. 

d) Any item(s) needs to be hoisted up or down from a balcony. (This will only be done at the owner’s risk.)

e) The road or approach is unsuitable for our vehicles and we cannot come within 20 meters of the loading or delivery address. Please pay special attention when collections or deliveries are in complexes/estates.

Moving and storing items is risky. Please pay special attention to clause 8. Our liability for loss or damage is limited.. 

2. Exclusions 

We will not do the following unless we agreed to it in writing: 

a) Dismantle or assemble any furniture (flat-pack) or fittings. 

b) Take down curtains, blinds or satellite dish. 

c) Disconnect or reconnect appliances, fittings or equipment, such as stoves, dishwashers and washing machines.

d) Remove or lay floor coverings. 

e) Remove or hang any door. 

f) Move or store any items we excluded in terms and conditions 

g) We will not be liable for any loss or damage if any work listed above is done without our written agreement or permission.


3. Ownership of Goods 

 You warrant declare that: 

a) You own everything (it is your property), or 

b) You have asked us to remove or; you have the permission from the owner of goods to have it removed or stored. You indemnify us against any damages and/or cost or claim if this warranty is not true 


4. Important Moving Notes.

a) Transportation of TV Sets:

i) To ensure total protection of your TV sets, we require you to have TV boxes for us to move these. If you do not have, we will provide them at an extra fee. ii) Should we transport the TV sets unboxed, we are not responsible or liable to any damages that may occur as a result. The client declared to assume full responsibility and liability.


5. What is excluded from this contract? 

This contract specifically excludes any: 

a) Valuable items, such as any item of jewelry, watches, precious stones, money, stamp collection, title deed, share certificate, cell phone or any similar item or collection.

b) Animal or its cage or tank, including any pet, bird or fish. 

c) Any abnormal item, for example, an item that is too large or too heavy to be moved by a team of removal men (four in number). d) Any potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive item or liquid. We are not responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer in connection with any of the items excluded in this clause. 

e) We are not liable for any loss, damages or extra charges because of anything listed in this clause. f) We are never responsible for lost keys. 

6. Cancellation or Postponement. 

a) We may charge a reasonable deposit for any advance booking of our services. 

b) We may charge you a reasonable amount to cover our expenses or loss of income if you delay or cancel any work you asked us to do for you. 

c) We will not charge a cancellation fee if you cannot proceed with a removal or accept a delivery because the customer or the person whose items are being moved has died or been hospitalized. 

7. Payment Terms 

You must pay charges in cash or by electronic funds transfer (EFT payment) in advance or 50% to secure your booking and you agree to the following; You must pay charges for the following services as follows;

a) Removals full payment is to be made before goods are offloaded. 

b) Any other additional services or work done: before or at the same time we perform the service or work.

c) Interest will be charged at 8% per month on the outstanding amount overdue. 

d) You may not withhold any payment because of any claim you wish to make against us. (refer to clause 14 ) e) If we have to instruct our attorneys to recover any amount you owe us, you will have to pay all our legal costs (on the higher attorney and client scale), including commission, tracing fees and any other expenses. 

8. Our liability 

Should any of the goods be lost or damaged, our liability is limited to Goods in transit cover clause 10(a). We are not liable for the loss or damage resulting from any of the following 

a) war (whether declared or not), invasion, sabotage, civil war, rebellion, military coup or similar situation beyond our reasonable control 

b) fire, burglary or flood while items are in storage, 

c) moth, vermin or similar infestation; 

d) cleaning, repairing or restoring (unless we did the work); 

e) wear and tear, rust, leakage or evaporation; 

f) atmospheric or climatic change; 

g) discoloration, such as any change of colour, fading, stain, and so on 

h) worsening quality or condition of any food, plant or perishable item, 

i) difficult access to or from any room, building or other location, or 

j) indirect (consequential) loss. 

We are not liable for loss or damage to any : 

a) fragile or brittle item; 

b) Concrete and ceramic Pot plant are carried at your own risk; 

c) item with an inherent defect (a problem that was already there) 

d) mechanism in any clockwork, electronic or motor – driven item 

e) sensitive equipment, or any item that is not suitable for being transported; 

f) furniture that is dismantled or re-assembled, 

g) item/cartons packed by you; 

h) item left inside a cupboard or other furniture; 

i) item left in a deep freezer or fridge; 

j) key left in furniture; 

k) item delivered to or received from an auctioneer, auction room, 

l) communal (shared) storage area, or other similar business or area; or 

m) item received by or from someone else. 

We only move frozen items at your own risk and are not liable for any death, injury, or sickness following the removal or storage of any food, drink or other perishable item. 

9. Move Pack Partners

a) Where we are not able to provide services due to various reasons, Move Pack has partner removal specialists that can be subcontracted to offer removal services at any time.

b) According to the nature of our agreement, our specialists will perform services and they assume full liability for their services; and they are also indemnified from all liability to any losses, damages, theft, injury sickness or death following the provision of services as highlighted in section 7 of our liability cover. Move Pack shall not be liable to any damages, destruction, loss, sickness or death that may result from the provision of services by it’s subcontractors whatsoever. If you do not consent to this, do not accept our services.

c) All insurance services are fully handled by the specialist. You reserve the right to request proof of Goods in Transit insurance before accepting the service.

d) If no written terms and conditions from Move Pack is available, our own liability will still be limited.

e) Move Pack is indemnified from all liability to any losses, damages, theft, injury, sickness or death following the provision of services by our company. Refer to section 7 for our liability cover. 

10. Your Responsibilities 

You are solely responsible for all the following: 

a) Making sure that nothing taken away or left behind by mistake, 

b) Arranging for security for your items when they are collected and delivered, by being there yourself, or by arranging someone else to be there for you;

c) Properly preparing any appliance or equipment before it is removed.

d) Arranging and paying for any parking we need to do the work

e) Inspecting or arranging for someone to inspect any items delivered by someone else on your behalf, f) Your house keys or other means of access We are not liable for any loss, damages or extra charges because of anything listed in this clause. We are never responsible for lost keys 10. 

11. Insurance 

a) Your quotation is inclusive of Goods in Transit insurance covers the following: Breakages in the event of Fire, Accidents, overturning or hi-jacking. Goods in Transit Insurance do not cover any damages caused by handling or moving. b) We strongly advise you to insure your consignment against All risk cover. This is a separate insurance contract. c) We advise that you insure items for their full replacement value at your destination. 

d) We can arrange cover for you through our insurance company, but only if you give us a properly completed insurance proposal (application) form before we start the work. 

e) You will not have any insurance cover until we have completed the insurance proposal form and you have paid the premium . f) Any insurance arranged by us is a separate contract between you and the insurance company. 

g) You are free to take out insurance with any insurance company of your choice. 

12. Damage to premises and time limit 

a) If we damage your house or premises, you must write this on our delivery note at the time of offloading b) You must also write to us via email (feedback@amoveon.co.za) within three days to confirm the damage c) The three day time limit is essential. 

d) Our liability for damage to premises is limited to R300 

e) We may arrange to repair any damage ourselves, and you must give us the chance to do this. 

13. Our right to hold items as security for payment 

a) We have a legal right to keep and eventually sell or dispose of any item until you have paid all charges and other payments you owe us under this contract, including any amount we have paid for you. 

b) If we keep any item while we wait for payment, you are responsible for storage charges and other costs, and these conditions continue to apply. 

14. Disputes 

You may not delay payment or set off (deduct) any amount you owe us if you think you have any claim against us, or if there is any dispute between you and us. 

15. Declaration 

By accepting our quotation, you confirm that you have read, understood and accept the standard service conditions as set out in paragraphs 1 to 13.